Posted by: K7 | July 27, 2014

Uncle George is “The Pervert”

FLICKR LINK – The Pervert – A Time Lord in Exile, by Kat Kassner. Starring Uncle George, Kat Kassner, Holly Arkright and Roxanne Foxdale

Pervert Time Lord 4


Roxxxy and George – posing in the NLS T-60 Bradley Console by bear Thymus.

Posted by: K7 | March 25, 2014

Scorched Shrub return!

Britannia Village is the location for the brand new music video by Scorched Shrub, the (spoof) girl band!

Posted by: K7 | October 31, 2013

Halloween & Guy Fawkes season, 2013

London Village closes tonight after 5 successful years of fun, events, and a little mayhem. 

After much consideration, we have decided to try something new and a little less intense (and expensive!)  We could carry on in the comfort zone of a successful project like London Village, but both artistically and with a desire for a little less financial pressure we have collectively decided to take a step into a new future!

There are a lot of people, too many to name, I would like to thank for their hard work and dedication to the project that has been New London / London Village since 2008. Some of those people have long since moved on, some are still on the team, but every single person who made a contribution to the sim, I thank you. 

To all our regular visitors, I thank you too, for without you there would have been very little point to London Village and certainly no soul.

We hope many of you will join us in our new home (which we will open very soon!) There you will find there some familiarities, a slower pace, and new areas to enjoy.

NLS will be unaffected, bar a change of location for the main store.

Thank you all for making this years London Village Festival another hugely succesful event! Join us at the Festival tonight, for our final night, as we say goodbye to London Village in style!


Kat Kassner




Posted by: K7 | July 20, 2013

Scorched Shrub – Roam

The Second Life spoof girl band Scorched Shrub are back!


I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since the last festival, but it has and Festival 2013 is just around the corner!

Posted by: K7 | July 3, 2013


Caravan by Kat Kassner
Caravan, a photo by Kat Kassner on Flickr.

With the London Village Festival 2013 just around the corner, a caravan could be just the thing… Moving up from tents… oh the luxury!

Posted by: K7 | June 28, 2013

To the Second Life Doctor Who Community…

I still haven’t said “I told you so” yet….. Though I have prepared a little “I was right” dance which I can show you later.

– Mickey Smith (School Reunion, 2006)


Posted by: K7 | June 23, 2013

Summer arrives tomorrow because….

Snapshot by Kat Kassner
Snapshot, a photo by Kat Kassner on Flickr.

Wimbledon 2013 begins! I can’t believe how the time has flown by since the last Championship! Good luck to all the British players taking part – Andy Murray can do it this year! –  as well as my favourite non-Brit Sabine Lisicki. Can’t wait to watch some grass court tennis!

Posted by: K7 | May 13, 2013

Ironing things out!

Iron Girl by Kat Kassner
Iron Girl, a photo by Kat Kassner on Flickr.

I’m looking to freshen things up in London Village with some music gigs and some staff team changes. Ironing out the current lull… and here’s a pic of me ironing… a tenuous link I agree!

Since I stated my intention to stand down as sim runner / take a break, and the confusion over the future direction of the sim, things have changed a great deal. Not least losing several staff members for various reasons. A couple of others have chosen to reduce their role in the sim. I will not let the investments of myself, Laredo and Jon, or the time and effort of many people (the staff team) of the last 5 years be wasted on a project people now take for granted. It’s time to shake things up a bit!


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